Car Safety Belt for Pet
Car Safety Belt for Pet
Car Safety Belt for Pet
Car Safety Belt for Pet
Car Safety Belt for Pet
Car Safety Belt for Pet
Car Safety Belt for Pet
Car Safety Belt for Pet
Car Safety Belt for Pet

Car Safety Belt for Pet

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  • HIGH QUALITY: Made of high quality nylon fabric to ensure safety, features the solid zinc alloy swivel snap and quality buckles, the pet car seat belt ensures the most safest traveling for your pet, and provides a most relaxing driving experience for you.
  • ADJUSTABLE LENGTH: Dogs come in different sizes and weights. The Bwogue Headrest Restraint is adjustable between 18-30 inches,You can easy to adjust the dog leash to the suitable length to keep your pet in a safety state.
  • CONVENIENT: The tangle-free nylon straps quickly and easily attaches to vehicle headrests. Safety strap is easily removed making it the perfect leash for your vehicle!
  • PRACTICABILITY: Our durable leash Not only can use for car ,but also can be converted to a traditional hand-held leash whenever you need. In addition,It is easy to have the pets secured to a tree or other strong post to keep pets safe when you need.
  • KEEP IN MIND: For your pet's safety, please do not attach the seat belt to your pet's collar directly. It is recommended to use the seat belt leash with pet harness than pet collar, to provide your pets a comfortable and secure wearing.

Title: Whether it’s a short visit to Grandma’s or a week-long camping trip, bring your family pet and make it the ultimate family vacation by packing the SunGrow Pet Seat Belt.

Title: What’s a family vacation without the family pet? With the Adjustable SunGrow Pet Seat Belt, your dog or cat can safely come along for the ride.

Prevent Fatal Accidents, It’s TIME!

Accidents happen. It’s scary, but true. To prevent unnecessary injury, we click on our seat belts and strap in our children. But what about our pets? Whether you’re taking a short car-trip to the pet store or a two-week family vacation in the mountains, the sturdy and safe Car Seat Belt for Dogs and Cats helps protect your pets from unexpected accidents and may even save their lives.

What Does American Automobile Association Have To Say?

Even small fender benders can gravely injure your pet and the American Automobile Association reports that merely 16% of the 43.3 million households owning pets properly restrain them while in the vehicle. Don’t allow your negligence to result in the loss of precious pet’s life. Designed and constructed with the safety of your pet in mind, this highly reliable seat belt is made with incredibly strong nylon fabric so that you can confidently and safely bring along your cherished family pet.

Feature-Packed Car Seat Pet Belt

Instead of keeping your dog or cat in a cramped crate or kennel during the ride, give him the freedom to sit, stand up or lie down comfortably in your back seat. The adjustable pet seat belt can easily be tightened to keep your pet secure (and reduce distracted driving) or loosened to give you pet freedom to move around and change position. Ranging from 19” to 31” (48 - 79 cm) in length, the car seat belt is appropriate for both small and large breeds of dogs and cats. With two fastening belts in each pack, you can shorten one for your Beagle, Munchkin or Pug and lengthen the other for his friend, the Golden Retriever, Maine Coon or Labrador.

Setup in Seconds

Easy to use with no prior setup necessary, the pet car restraint belt literally takes seconds to buckle in your dog or cat. One end of the belt has a universal clip that securely attaches to your pet’s body harness while the other end has a standard seat belt buckle that inserts into your vehicle’s seat belt receptacle. For your pet’s safety, do not attach the car seat belt to your pet’s collar. By connecting your pet to a body harness instead of it’s collar, you will secure your pet from sudden stops, turns and accidents while also protecting its neck from unnecessary strain.

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2 Dog Seatbelts Elastic Seatbelts
Adjustable Length 19 to 31 inches 24 to 36 inches
Size 24x36 inches 19x31inches
Weight 4.8 ounces 0.6 ounces



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